We are a professional firm of quantity surveyors, rendering construction cost consulting services to client bodies in both the private and public sectors in the built environment in South Africa and surrounding territories.

Our style, EthiQS, reflects our unwavering principal of professional ethics. Our goal is to render a high quality, cost-effective (value for money) and ethical professional service, thus protecting the interests of our clients, our co-professionals, the contractors and our own company to the benefit of all parties involved. If we do this successfully, we will ensure the financial success of all the projects in which we are involved.

About us

Originally established in 1984 by the current managing director, Hedley Pougnet, we are a professional firm of quantity surveyors, rendering construction cost consulting services to client bodies in both the private and public sectors in both the private and public sectors in the built environment in South Africa and surrounding territories.

Currently we are 30% black female owned thus demonstrating our own commitment to transformation in the workplace. We boast a B-BBEE Level 3 Contributor rating in terms of the latest DTI codes.

On 1 April 2019 we merged with Maine Consulting (Pty) Ltd in order to provide continuity of service to the Maine Consulting clients and co-consultants. We are able to service projects throughout the country, and outside of the country, either directly through this office, or by means of joint venturing with other local QS firms.

We recognise that each client and project presents a differing set of conditions. We are flexible with regard to the methods employed for project cost control and we would be comfortable adapting to any system that may be preferred. We then plan the procedures to be followed and allocate the required resources accordingly.

We have had experience with an extremely large and varied range of projects for a number of different clients. We are pleased to be able to say that most of our clients have continued to support us with new projects over a long period of time.

Collectively our management and staff have extensive experience in commercial (offices and office parks), industrial, retail, data centre’s, residential and educational (schools and universities) projects. In support of this, we attach some listings and references of the more important and significant projects in which our firm has been involved over the years. We are always prepared to employ additional staff from time-to-time should the need arise.

Resources and Company Structure

We are constantly endeavouring to increase our workload and broaden our client base. It is therefore essential that we are at all times adequately resourced, from both a personnel and from a technical point of view, if we are to continue to render to our clients the level and quality of service in which we pride ourselves, yet maintain a reasonable quality of life for ourselves.

We are always willing to employ additional staff from time-to-time should the need arise.

Our current staff compliment is as follows:

Managing Director:

Hedley Pougnet (BScQS Wits 1980; Pr QS, RICS)

Financial Director:

Esmeralda Theophilus CJBIcb(SA)

Currently assisted by:

Beatrice Wadaya (National Diploma QS Bulawayo Polytech 2001; Candidate QS)

Kathleen Coetzee (BSc Hons QS, PTA 2015; Pr QS)

Outsource consultants:

Johan van Vuuren (BScQS): Plumbing and drainage specialist

Due to our expertise and depth of past experience, we can very quickly generate permutations for various development options and scenarios, particularly in the early phases of a project to ensure that, from conception, the planning of a project is directed along the most cost-effective route.




Affiliated Professional Bodies

Services & Fees

Professional Quantity Surveying Services As quantity surveyors our role is that of the ‘accountants’ of the team, and we endeavour to look after the financial controls throughout the project from budget and estimate stage to final account on a “full service” basis as we are firmly of the opinion that, by rendering a partial service only, we cannot adequately safeguard your interests and control the costs to ensure the financial success of the project. All professional functions are carried out in accordance with the practice and standards as established by the ASAQS (Association of South African Quantity Surveyors) and SACQSP (South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession). We recognize the need to be flexible in negotiating a competitive, market – related fee. Our fees are generally calculated on a transparent cost and time basis as this suits the varied service requirements of different clients and always better informs our clients in respect of what it costs for us to render the required service. The main focus of our service is to ensure that the client’s financial and contractual interests are protected and to ensure that the cost of the works is not overstated (by the contractor) so that the best value for money scenario is achieved.
  • Project execution plans
  • Cost Estimating
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Controlling and reporting during pre-contract period
  • Risk Contingency Management
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Value Engineering
  • Competitive/Negotiated tendering
  • Measured /Lump Sump Contracts
  • Fast Track Contracts
  • Management Contracts
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement advisory role
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Affirmative Procurement / Empowerment Strategies
  • Bills of Quantities / Schedule of Rates, etc
  • Tender Adjudication and Reporting
  • Pre tender estimates
  • Calculate cost fluctuation and escalation.
  • Monthly payment valuation
  • Monthly cost reporting (current & forecast)
  • Measure and approve extras and variations.
  • Contract cost control.
  • Cost completion cost analysis.
  • Advice on claims and disputes.
  • Prepare and negotiate final accounts.
  • Final account cost analysis
  • “Lessons Learnt” workshop with the client & consultant
In addition to the above mentioned Quantity Surveying Services, NNAQS also offers the following specialised range of services: SPECIALISED SERVICES
  • Project Co-Ordination
  • Project management
  • Insurance valuations
  • Life cycle costing
  • Value engineering
  • Expert witness
  • Arbitration
  • Auditing construction projects

Empowerment Objectives and Social Responsibility

We have a SANAS certified BBBEE rating as a Level 3 Contributor.

We recognize the need to promote black economic empowerment. This we demonstrate by:


      • Our appointment of our own black female shareholder and director,
      • Our procurement of goods and services from other BBBEE SMME’s and EME’s,
      • Employing and training previously disadvantaged individuals when the opportunity arises.
      • Growing our network with developers, professionals and contractors of similar BBBEE background.
      • We are committed to the development of emerging contractors but at the same time do not condone poor workmanship and construction overruns.
      • We are also in a position to assist in assembling a project team based on empowerment objectives so that the project can meet its expected empowerment targets.

Our social responsibility programme is characterised by the following:

      • Development of previously disadvantaged professionals.
      • In-house skills transfer programme.
      • Assisting University and University of Technology graduates to undertake their compulsory in-service training and progress to the next level in their professional development.
      • Development and promotion of female professionals and practitioners.
      • We provide our services at no charge in order to assist with our supplier development.

Our principal of professional ethics:
Protecting the interests of our clients, our co-professionals the contractors, and our own company to the benefit of all parties involved.